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We’re in the phone business – to keep you out of it!™

Surely there are phone companies that could use some telecom management, but most of our customers aren’t in the “phone business” and don’t want to be. They… you – are in your business, so we don’t have to be. We’re not in the insurance, banking, real estate, logistics, semiconductor, retail, healthcare, or any other business but telecommunications management. While you focus on your core business - inTelesystems’ core is telecom management.

Since 1990, we have been protecting our client’s interests as our own. All day, every day, the constant pursuit of a better way to procure, implement, and manage telecom products and services to support the corporate enterprise infrastructure. Negotiating carrier agreements, migrating technology platforms, compelling accountability from vendors, analyzing expense and inventory – this is not what we do a few times a year – this is what we do thousands of times a year – across the country – continually seeking to do it better than the last time.

Just as you gain invaluable, irreplaceable experience value in the deployment of your products and services in a variety of markets and customer conditions over many years, inTelesystems customers are plugged into this value without having to be in the “phone business”. At inTelesystems, we’re in the phone business to keep you out of it.

The Core Four

Effective telecommunications management essentially comes down to four key elements of expertise.

· Network Design/Engineering

· Financial Analysis/Accounting

· Contractual Design

· Implementation/Project Management

inTelesystems forges these elements into a cohesive force, building the track for the most expeditious and complete route to cost savings objectives. If even one of these elements is not incorporated into virtually any telecom initiative, the result is either diluted or not achieved. Lacking the acute project measurement tools of a professional telecom management firm many of the affects due to deficiencies in the Core Four are not quantified, or, as in most cases, are realized later when an issue arises.

Our approach to every project is the perfect solution. We evaluate all the factors relating to how you do business and how you'd like to do business in the future and determine the most cost-effective approach to meeting your goals. While we scrutinize exactly what you'll get out of the dollars you spend, we don't take chances with your phone service. In every service selection, you can be assured that with all things taken into consideration, your business will realize the optimum configuration available.

The "Resultants”™ Telecommunications Consultants That Get Results!

It’s a long road from something that looks like it might save the company money, to writing a vendor check for a lot less money. This road has many detours and dead-ends, but avoiding accidents in execution and implementation come only with experienced focus on delivering a result. Navigating the various initiatives, strategic directions, underlying motives, personal agendas, outsized egos, and general political dynamics is an often overlooked element of expertise in telecom management. There are many departments and personalities to pass through in the course of executing the implementation plan and inTelesystems recognition and adaptation to these real world conditions is a major differentiator in our ability to get results.

inTelesystems White Paper: Employer Paid Wireless Services and BYOD Expense Management Considerations

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